Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

An experimentation in hyperconscious rythmic music and sub-frames.

Alice in Wonderland — an exploration on the effects of hyperconscious music linked by subframes visuals.

A generative piece of artwork is a simple yet so complicated process. As the names says it, it is generative, self-generating and mutating under our very eyes. The mutations lead to expected, unexpected results or results not even in the realm of expectations.

Flashcore, and it’s neighbour genres are generally existing in the realm of 1000 to 10000 BPMs, thus disabling the physical musical structures that one is used to. The rhythm is used as a sound in itself and not as a musical structure aiding to the comprehension and rhythm of the piece. It is self-looping, an inception, psychedelic.

The psychedelic effects produced by this oral art piece are compounded by the generation and mutation of visuals following and deconstructing even further the initial concept. These visuals having parts being stroboscopic, it is advised not to watch it if epileptic tendencies are present.

Welcome to my Alice In Wonderland.

Music source: Here’s the link to this wonderful musical experience

More information about flashcore and other neighbours genres:

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