Datae hominidae

Datae hominidae

An installation in the clouds to get a grasp of your immaterial data.

Datae Hominidae — play of words betwen data & datae (latin: from datum, offered) and hominidae(taxonomic family of primates including Modern humans).

It is a full room installation in which a visitor will be able to discover the full scale of his non-privacy. It consists of 4 smoke diffusors hanging to the ceiling, producing a wall smoke onto which faces are projected.

These faces are provided by the digital content each and every one of these visitors gives every day to social media platforms, amongst others. The visitor is asked beforehand to register on a website to access the installation. Via this registration, an neural net scrapes the internet based on the provided data and collects images (portraits in this case) that can be used to create the projections.

The clouds are a symbolic representation of what the network could look like, from an artistical point of view, and from the concept “the cloud” which definition is blurry and relative to the scale being considered.

The visitor / guest / star of this installation wanders in and out of the clouds, melting with himself and the physical projection of the public virtual part of himself.

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