A live music hypnotic visual companion.

Hypno — a simple abbreviation of hypnotic, referring to the hypnotic and trance-like state these visuals could trigger.

Hypno is a vj tool that generates real-time visuals in a live environment like a club or a concert. It is fast, responsive and controlled via midi, which keeps your head mostly out of the screen (so you can actually see what you’re doing).

It has been written in a modular way, making it easy to add or remove generators quickly. It supports up to 64 different visual patterns with each 16 parameters that can be updated in real time via the Midi Fighter. Pattern triggering is done via the launchpad. The audio part is done by the musician with whom I’m performing. The whole software has been written in Max Jitter, and runs on a Macbook pro from 2015.

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